January 6th, 2011, 10:48 pm
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January 6th, 2011, 10:51 pm
380 Homerooms are alphabetical, so Helen and Ginny are in the same homeroom as Angela. You can see Helen following Angela in panel one. I think that thing is supposed to be a map of the world there. =/
I'll announce the contest winners on Sunday.
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January 7th, 2011, 8:36 am
yipes... the depression feels so thick you can cut it with a knife and eat it with a spork. And is it me or does Angela's hair look longer then usual? Either way an interesting start to this chapter. I look forward to seeing things unfold. *pulls up a chair and produces a cup of coffee*
SFG (Guest)
January 7th, 2011, 9:10 am
HA, so she IS going to tell an adult, good girl!
January 9th, 2011, 11:47 am
Sad Angela is sad.
January 9th, 2011, 5:55 pm
replies! @specter: Her hair might be a tad longer than usual, but she's always had a lot of it

@SFG: that's the plan

@Shadow: I know, poor kid D:
January 9th, 2011, 8:19 pm
Well, it's not like she has the perfect life. Due to the whole Reborn thing, she can't really get any privacy unless she's at home... And hopefully the Retsini won't find a loophole to change that...

Like the whole vampire thing where they can as long as they are invited inside the house.

...I would probably make a better Retsini than most of the guys in this story. I'd join the school and make friends with Angela, then hopefully she wouldn't believe Adrian when he says I'm a Retsini. Then I can get time alone with Angela... THEN I CAN KILL!... as long as I don't get too friendly and start liking her and so can't kill her. Which is when I'd tell her I AM a Retsini but that I'm not gonna kill her, and would end up being killed by Adrian anyway.

...ok maybe I wouldn't relaly make a better Retsini.