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May 11th, 2006, 9:56 pm
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From the Author
May 11th, 2006, 9:59 pm
Page 43 Huzzah, perspective!
To make up for Wednesday's backgrounds (or complete lack thereof), I tried to make for it here.

And so, yes, Angela has finally learned her secret. Did you see it coming?
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May 11th, 2006, 10:11 pm
Nope, it explains the title though, and the history lesson. so she's a human with the soul of a demon, That could be either called cool or traumatizing depending on how look at it. (I get the feeling she's going to go for the latter)
May 11th, 2006, 11:02 pm
I'd say that it would be cool, so long as we're not going with the tradition interpretation of deamons sinche those are the most miserable beings of all.

love the new look, I need to find some html coding guides so tha that I can fix my comic up too, you guys are all putting me to shame.
May 11th, 2006, 11:09 pm
@era-knight: we'll see her reaction in the next page, but yeah, knowing Angela, she won't be happy

@daidasher, I'd hardly call Adrian miserable ^^
You can find a lovely and fairly easy tutorial in the forums, in the template submission section. It's by Augest :)
Luigicrowd (Guest)
May 12th, 2006, 9:13 am
OMG!!! Angela's gonna be Adrians mum!! :P
Mineralgirl (Guest)
May 12th, 2006, 9:31 am
Yea, it kinda looks like that. She was killed in the war, she's a female...oh, and the hair. :p Strange how these things work out...
May 12th, 2006, 2:34 pm
She's not his mom.
I thought it was fairly obvious by now that I intend for them to be a romantic pair.
Firefly (Guest)
May 12th, 2006, 5:18 pm
Oooh, I love this so far! And I know what's going to happen... and what it has to do with Angela. =D Great job Butters; and sorry I haven't commented until now.
May 12th, 2006, 10:02 pm
I have to wonder if her denial will stretch that far, but then again denial is pretty flexable. Diado is right as long as you don't go for traditional, which you obviously aren't, Adrian's too cool to be traditional.
Owner of Crazy-Shit
May 14th, 2006, 12:24 pm
I still like the comic but this pink page design is terrible!
May 14th, 2006, 7:46 pm
Fanart! Here is my fan art, Sorry if it is terrible na dyou hate it and it sucks and the outfit isn't something she'd wear and they characters look off and...and...I think that's all I haveb to apologize for....:
Well here it is:
Also, you need to enlarge the image to see it without the dotted line look... ^_^
May 14th, 2006, 10:21 pm
@ OoCS: Not a fan of pink?
Unfortunatly, I have no plans to redo the lay-out anytime soon, but I'll try and pick a more guy-friendly color next time ^^

@Slepha: It's soo cute! Thank you so much. I've drawn Angela wearing similar outfits ^^
June 26th, 2009, 3:11 am
I see now, so this comic mixes the Western idea of a demon with the Japanese concept of a demon.

Demons in Japanese Mythology, if I remember correctly, are more like supernaturally powerful beings that can be good or evil rather than being only evil spirits like in Western Religion.